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Buying and selling a private aircraft requires a significant investment in time, money, and knowledge. For even the smartest individuals, its considerably more complex than one may think, and one small mistake can result in major financial loss. Naples Jet Sales is an up and coming company offering comprehensive direction for aircraft acquisitions, sales, and leasing to assure you make the right decision in this life changing transaction.

Brokerage Services


For anyone considering the sale of an aircraft, Naples Jet Sales offers a unique approach to the process, guided by individuals with proven success in the aircraft industry. Our trusted advisors will work with you diligently to assure you the best ultimate outcome wither it be selling your used aircraft, or helping secure your newly purchased aircraft. Our clients know they can rely on us to provide objective advice that is in their best interest and empowers them to make informed decisions.


Acquisition Services


As you search to acquire a new or pre-owned jet, hiring Naples Jet Sales as your sales guide guarantees you an informed, thought out, well discussed decision. Our mission at Naples Jet Sales is to alleviate your stress as a customer, solidifying that you'll be making the correct decision. Since the formation of our company in 2019, we have stayed true to that mission, helping large wealth individuals and business alike, purchase their ideal aircraft for their travel needs.



As an aircraft dealer Naples Jet Sales's strength is its ability  purchase, refurbish and re-sell aircrafts at a competitive price. This can be particularly advantageous for clients who wish to sell their aircraft quickly without taking the time to go through the brokerage process. In these situations, we are able to purchase the aircraft outright, add it to our exclusive listings and help shorten the sales cycle.

Private Aircraft


Naples Jet Sales is home to the newest hangar in the Naples Municipal Airport, equipped with plenty of office space and other amenities. We couldn't be more excited about our new headquarters, and we are looking to provide a huge opportunity directly to our customers in a variety of different lease agreements. Contact out team today to discuss current availability in this state of the art facility.  

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