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Looking to Sell your Aircraft?



Aircraft Sales

At Naples Jet Sales, we know the value of our client's time. Our whole mission stems around the maximization of your return.

  • Full understanding of your desired outcome

  • Accurate valuation and pricing

  • Detailed presentation of your aircraft's specifications

  • Comprehensive sales marketing effort

  • Complete management of pre-buy to protect your interest

Our Private Jet Sales Progression

Throughout your aircraft selling experience, Naples Jet Sales will be at the disposal of you and your team to not only market and place your aircraft under contract, but also continue to protect you from any unforeseen costs through the buyers pre-purchase inspection.

  • Assemble detailed specifications

  • Provide professional photography

  • Draft aircraft purchase agreement

  • Negotiate scope of pre-purchase inspection

  • Allow buyer to inspect aircraft

  • Flight test

  • Search aircraft through all applicable International Registry

  • Thoroughly analyze pre-buy report and squawk list

  • Complete pre-purchase inspection

  • Finish closing contracts

  • Complete closing process

The Naples Jet Sales Difference


The Naples Jet Sales experience is one of a kind. By allowing us the opportunity to service you, you will gain absolute trust in our team and our process in getting the maximum value for your aircraft. Our meticulous attention to detail and your desires will guarantee the ideal outcome, and building that trust is essential.

Full Transparency Guarantee

Naples Jet Sales takes pride in its communication and its ability to ease its customers making a life changing decision. We promise to continuously find ways to assure your needs and expectations while working with potential buyers to assure your best outcome.

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