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Selling a Jet in Southwest Florida

Why Sell a Jet with Naples Jet Sales?

Purchasing a private plane immediately opens a variety of possibilities for business owners, entrepreneurs and sport or entertainment celebrities. A private plane allows its owner to traverse vast distances quickly, and on their schedule, without the burdens and inconvenience of modern commercial airline travel. In fact, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) likens the use of a private plane to a “time machine allowing you to get to where you need to be directly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost.” The supply of private planes currently on the market is high in historical perspectives, and the relatively soft demand has pushed prices of pre-owned private aircraft to all-time lows. Meanwhile, private airplane manufacturers want to keep their operation at full capacity, and they’re offering great sales incentives to buyers right now. 

Currently, approximately 10 percent of the worldwide fleet of private aircraft is for sale. That serves to keep prices down; however, the projected decrease in new private jet deliveries could bring an uptick in transaction prices on preowned aircraft, particularly over the next 2-3 years. Aviation consultants and industry professionals have also reported seeing a recent rise in the number of first time private plane buyers brought into the market by today’s bargain prices for private jets.


Prospective aircraft buyers often look for private jets for sale by searching Google, gathering information on various makes & models and their performance characteristics, and on condition, age, price and other information about specific jets for sale. Most private airplane buyers use search phrases like: “private jets” or “private aircraft” for their search. Some prefer more specific terms that includes a manufacturer’s name like “Citation Jets” or the specific aircraft model number like “Gulfstream G-V” and configuration features such as a particular upgraded avionics package. Searching for aircraft for sale online using very specific terms may miss some listings due to variations in identification, for example “Gulfstream G550” vs. “Gulfstream G-550” which are the same Aircraft. More inclusive searches, such as “Gulfstream, large-cabin jet” once again yield different results.

Jet aircraft for sale are also displayed on the Websites of the brokers that represent the aircraft seller, but potential buyers typically want to see a broad list of private jets for sale, rather than be limited to one particular broker’s inventory or their exclusive offerings. As with any major purchase, private aircraft buyers want to be sure they’re seeing all the available private jets for sale that meet their criteria, regardless of the broker or listing agent, so that they can compare the price, configuration and condition of all such currently available private jets for sale worldwide.

The reality of the Web is that it provides a potentially confusing and incomplete picture of private jet aircraft for sale or the private jet marketplace in general. In the last few years the pre-owned aircraft market has changed significantly; the then current market values of aircraft change more quickly and the prices shown on the Web bear little relation to what such aircraft actually sell for. Moreover, many of the best aircraft for sale never appear on the Internet, as they’re bought and sold among brokers for their clients without ever being listed for sale. Moreover, many buyers who plunge into the market without the help of an expert advisor may not even have properly identified the best airplane for their needs, and buyers can potentially get a great deal on the wrong airplane.

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