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Leasing a Hangar in Naples Florida

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

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About Plane Hangar Leasing

Everything you need to know about leasing a plane hanger.

Looking to lease a plane hanger in the Naples Airport? There are a few things you should know before signing any leases. Here's what you need to know about airplane hangar leasing to make sure you're getting the best possible deal.

First, you'll need to decide what size hanger you need. The size of the hanger will dictate the price you'll pay in rent. Make sure to get a hanger that's big enough to comfortably house your plane (or x, or x, or x)

What is the primary purpose of a plane hangar?

A plane hangar is a building where aircraft are kept. They are typically large buildings with doors that open sideways to allow aircraft to enter.

Hangars are used to protect airplanes from the elements, and they can also be used to store other equipment used in aviation, such as tools and spare parts.

Leasing a plane hangar is a great way to protect your investment and have a designated space for your aircraft.

What are the benefits of leasing a plane hangar?

There are several benefits to leasing a plane hangar, including protection from the elements, security, and convenience.

What are the most common plane hangar sizes?

The most common hangar sizes are:

  • -30'x50'

  • -30'x60'

  • -40'x60'

  • -50'x60'

  • -60'x60'

  • -60'x80'

  • -80'x100'

Of course, there are many other sizes available, but these are the most commonly leased hangar sizes.

What is the average price to lease a hangar?

- $1,200 a month, but depending on the size of the plane, could be higher

What are things to look for when leasing a plane hangar?

The things you should look for when leasing a hangar are:

  • Price

  • Size

  • Location

  • Amenities

How many planes can I fit in one hangar?

This really depends on the size of the hangar and the size of the planes. However, a good rule of thumb is that you can fit about 1-2 small planes or 1 larger plane in a single hangar.

Here are a few examples:

- A small hangar (30'x50') can fit 1-2 small planes or 1 larger plane.

- A medium hangar (40'x60') can fit 2-


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